5 Cleaning Spots You Keep Overlooking

5 Cleaning Spots You Keep Overlooking
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While you may be keeping up with those daily tasks that ensure that your home is organized and tidy, you are likely hiding some dirty secrets. These five cleaning spots in your home should be addressed, because you’re likely overlooking them.

Under the Furniture
It’s not that you don’t know that the spaces under furniture get dirty, but if you do not regularly vacuum under your couches and beds, you’ll likely be surprised to find just how much dust and grime can accumulate. Rid your home of those dust bunnies ASAP by moving your furniture around and vacuuming underneath.

Air Vents
Similar to those spaces under the furniture, your air vents are accumulating dust day after day and you’ll be surprised at how dirty they might be. Double it if those vents happen to be floor vents, especially under your couch. Prevent allergen-filled air from circulating in your home by giving your vents regular wipe downs.

Toothbrush Holder
You likely clean your bathroom regularly. It is easily the room most prone to germs that pose serious health risks. However, if you haven’t looked inside your toothbrush holder in a while, it’s time to clean it out. Dried toothpaste and excess moisture accumulation can cause gunk and mold to spawn.

Your Ceiling Fans
In the colder months especially, it’s easy to overlook dusting and maintaining your ceiling fans. Keep the dust at bay so it doesn’t spread the next time the fan is turned on. Plus, if your fan is clean and ready, you can use it in every season by simply adjusting the fan’s rotation.

Inside Your Closets
Dust is often the culprit when it comes to dirty overlooked spaces in your home, and your closet is probably no exception. Whether your closet floor is full because of organizational equipment or simply has stored belongings on the bottom, it can make it easy to forget about vacuuming or sweeping this area. Allergens and dust can start to build up here too.

Keeping those overlooked areas of your home tidy and free of dust or grime can ensure a healthier home for you and your family. Keep these five cleaning spots in mind the next time you begin your cleaning regime and your house will feel fresher than ever before.