Lake Area Neighborhood in Hopewell Township, NJ

Lakeside Park
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Lakeside Park is a residential neighborhood in Hopewell Twp, NJ. Known for having a very good school system, children in Lakeside attend Hopewell Crest Elementary and attend high school at Cumberland Regional. The homes in this area can be described as single family detached homes. These homes range in age but not style. You’ll find homes dating back to as early as 1856. The neighborhood began to populate in the late 50’s and 60’s. Lakeside Park homes range from 1100 square feet to an average of 1400 square feet. Taxes range from $3500-6500 annually. Everyone has a backyard, front and side yard. Homes are not crowding each other. There are no sidewalks. There is public sewer available to homes in Lakeside Park.

Additionally, most homes have private well water. It is a very serene location near where nature is supported by the Mary Elmer Lake that runs into Sunset Lake which is a reservoir created by damming a stream. It’s a great area to see many of nature’s creatures such as; snapping turtles. Geese, ducks, and seagulls are the primary avian residents of the lake area. Fishing is enjoyed by local and neighboring visitors. You can spot a few small fishing boats, kayaks, paddle boat and canoes streaming across the lake enjoying catches that include sunfish and catfish. You’ll find freshwater clams along with leeches in the lake.

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Local Amenities near Lakeside Park

Local Amenities near Lakeside Park

Nearby within walking distance, in the neighboring city of bridgeton, is Sunset Lake. It has an Amphitheater where on the second Saturdays of the month you can enjoy Movies at the Park. There’s also the Bridgeton Cohanzick Zoo in Bridgeton City Park that is home to Bengal Tigers, Ringtail Lemur, African Serval, Asiatic Bears, White- Handed Gibbon, Marmosets and many other cool animals. Also within this area, you will find Splash Park, which is a simple water playground where children go to cool off as water sprays stay on and provide family entertainment. To add, there are two nearby ice cream stands for summer days and nights. There is an Amish Farmers Market on route 49 for those who want the freshest ingredients. There are 2 nearby custard stands around the corner from Lakeside Park.

Lakeside Park Location

If commuting is important, Lakeside Park is about 45 minutes from Delaware, 1hour and 10 minutes from Philadelphia, and about 1 hour and 20 minutes from the beaches in Wildwood, Ocean City and Sea Isle. Neighboring Lakeside park is Bridgeton and Upper Deerfield. Within 8 minutes there’s access to shopping with stores such as Ollies, Farm and Tractor, Shoprite, Aldis, Wawa, Dollar Tree, and Walgreens located at Carl’s Corner. Take a ride on Route 49 and experience photographic farming landscapes with acres for farmland, cows and goats to make for an awesome photo opportunity. Since Lakeside is located in Hopewell Township, I would like to clear any confusion by mentioning that the zipcode for Hopewell Township is 08302 which is located in southern New Jersey and not to be confused with Hopewell in North Jersey.

Local Living

Lakeside Park appeals to almost anyone who enjoys the outdoor life. Away from congestion, The community is suitable for those who love to enjoy quiet comfort and privacy. Just minutes away from Lakeside Park, find yourself traveling to Delaware, or Philadelphia in just under an hour. Locally, there’s easy access to stores and restaurants. To get around, you will need your own personal transportation. Uber and Lyft are not as readily available in this vicinity.

Hopewell Memories

Hopewell Memories

Whenever I am riding through the neighborhood, whether it’s to check on a listing or visit friends, I always spot a few people walking in the road or exercising. Even though there are no sidewalks, traffic is almost nonexistent. Therefore, walking in the road is suitable in the neighborhood. Also, I remember one Winter it snowed and we went to Mary Elmer Lake with some friends to sled down a steep hill. My kids were still in elementary school and for a while when it snowed we always tried to return, but there was never enough snow after our first experience. I plan to load my kayaks on the truck this summer and enjoy the lake at sunset with friends.

If interested in learning more about Hopewell Township, NJ and Lakeside Park, feel free to contact me, Robin Carter at 856-392-2284.

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