Golf Neighborhood In Pittsgrove Township, NJ

Running Deer Neighborhood in Pittsgrove Township, Salem County, NJ
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Running Deer community is located in Pittsgrove Township in Salem County, NJ . It’s an attractive neighborhood in the midst of a golfing community. You would never know it existed the way it is secluded and tucked away. The Running Deer community is unlike its surrounding communities as it is one of Pittsgrove’s most coveted neighborhoods to live away from it all, but still close enough to distinguish the seemingly gated community. As a golfing community, Running Deer Park is the historic Running Deer Golf Course and Clubhouse which membership is encouraged for an experience amongst the lush greens and tees with 18 holes to challenge your swing. As inviting as that may sound, its offerings seem to attract the attention of magazines and the like in publications. You could almost have it all in one location. Additionally, if you needed some variety Centerton Golf is only a 10 minute drive away. But, let’s not only get lost in the golfing community. With Parvin State Park moments away residents are afforded a beautiful basin that flows into a dam that seeps into a channeling flowing stream. Here, the enduring appeal is the opportunity to fish, kayak, bbq, camp, and take daily walks in the trails that lap around the lake.

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I live about 5 minutes away from Running Deer Trail and I often visit Parvin’s State Park. I once took a walk around the lake with my husband on a hot summer day. To say the least, it was nice looking back, but boy was I out of shape. I dreaded the last 30 minutes due to the choice of time and day. Now, during summertime, I take advantage of the lake to kayak and fish for fun. By the way I forgot to mention that they offer kayak and canoe rentals. Even as a child I remember barbequing and swimming in the lake on the beach side. Moving on, I believe this to be a gem in Salem County and very close to Running Deer. Riding a bike is suitable to and fro. Parvins is not the only lake nearby. You have Rainbow lake and Ballingers Lake close enough to skip around. For evening fun, taking friends and family out for a night of bowling just a few minutes away at Campani’s Legacy Lanes. Food, drinks and delights can be found at The Grove located at Centerton Golf with dining and an large event center. Let’s not forget, Ye Old Centerton which is a great place to dine.

So let’s say this area is desirable enough to want to purchase a home immediately, you need to be prepared to know how much it would cost to live there. Well unlike most of the surrounding areas, the annual tax can run up to as much as a little over twenty thousand dollars a year. Running Deer is a newer community with spacious homes that speak wealth and dominance in luxury offerings for miles. Edgewood Estates would be the competitor of this lovely neighborhood. Along with size, building in this community has restrictions. You won’t find a home with less than approximately 3,000 square feet and some homes go up to 7,000 square feet. Break out the wallet because believe it or not, the starting price of some of these homes begin at $400k and some have a price tag as far as a little over $1.5 million. Homeowner Association fees run around $300 a month. Living in this area requires private septic and a private well source. There are no public utilities available.

With just 45 minutes away from Delaware and Philadelphia, finding a scenic back route or taking the highway to get to the city is equally satisfying without traffic and much to appreciate. If you don’t know where this community is located, you may have a difficult time finding it on your own. Feel free to contact me for more information about the Running Deer Community and its surrounding area at 856-392-2284 – ask for Robin. I am here for your Real Estate needs.

Photos of Running Deer Neighborhood and Pittsgrove Township

If interested in learning more about Pittsgrove Township, NJ and Running Deer, feel free to contact me, Robin Carter at 856-392-2284.

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